Saturday, June 18, 2016

playing with scraps and thread

it's blog day!

and i've been playing with scraps and thread the last couple of days.
it's been fun!
and i feel the satisfaction of using scraps up.
here's a sneak peek...

i've had these aurifil threads in my thread box for ages and decided to use them on my home machine while the big machine is humming away.

so far i've got five little pieces waiting to be hand bound and one that i'll be quilting today.
it's been a fun experience...
with no expectation of where it's going to go.
certainly a fun way to let the creative juices flow.

and with the strange weather we've had (thunder, two hailstorms and  a lot of rain) we've been inside a lot.
good excuse to sew!

here's what's been on the frame these last two weeks...

Carla's Dr. Seuss quilt...quilted with Dainty pantograph in a light green thread

Carla's rail fence quilt...quilted with Bangkok pantograph in a light gray thread

Carla's birthday cake table runner...quilted with Rock 'n Roll Stars pantograph in a light variegated purple thread

Lindsey's arrow quilt...quilted with Circle Play pantograph in a dark gray thread

Lindsey's fading triangle quilt...quilted with Starry Night pantograph in a cream thread

Barbara's heart wallhanging...quilted with Inkblot Flowers pantograph in a variegated light brown thread

Helen's floral quilt...quilted with Bouganvilla pantograph (really big size) with a dark blue thread
have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

american flag rag quilt and Aurifil thread giveaway!

**as of june 14th, this giveaway has now ended...thank you to all who joined in!
our wonderful winner is Kathryn Laposata!**

quilty friends...

i've been waiting impatiently to share this project with you!
but since the website is done NOW's the time!!

(yes...i just yelled.  i'm that excited.)

 details...i know y'all want details.
first, i went through my stash and scraps (mostly scraps) and collected my reds, creams and blues.
i did not discriminate with light/dark, volume, print, etc.
if it was the color i needed, in it went.

i used Aurifil's 12 wt cotton thread in red, white (yes...white, not cream...i just didn't think!) and blue.

Aurifil 12wt cotton thread

for the blue squares i used the white and red threads (white on the outside and red on the inside).
for the red squares i used blue and white.
and for the cream squares i used blue and red. 

i just crossed right over the stitch lines.
it's a rag quilt...we're going for low perfection here.
(which is a serious test for me!) 

NOTE:  i made the stitch size for those x's really big...i think it was a stitch size 5.
plus i had to change my needle to a denim needle...100/16, i believe.

when sewing the squares and rows together then doing the finish stitching line around the outside of the quilt i used a stitch size of 2.6 and a 60 wt. polyester.

i had been calling for blue jeans on facebook and this is why!
the back of the quilt are cut up jeans.
some of them are mine but most of them came from friends.
and to them i say a huge THANK YOU!! 

didn't it turn out great?
it's really heavy.
perfect for outside!

i caught her!  :)
reading books, eating...playing with puppies!'s the fun part.
i have one American Flag Rag Quilt pattern and 
one spool each of the Aurifil 12 wt thread to give away!

American Flag Rag Quilt kit

isn't that so cool!?!

you'll need to leave a comment below in order to be entered into the drawing.
i've made up kits of the pattern and threads and are available in my shop on my NEW website!
just in case you are keen...

with this pattern you'll be able to celebrate the Fourth of July in style!

**i'll choose a winner for the give-away on monday the 13th of june!**

happy quilting y'all!!


~ h

Friday, June 3, 2016

i'm here!

believe it or not my silence has meant that i've been SUPER busy.

which is a good thing!

at the moment i'm finishing the website.
truly, i've been putting off this final bit.
because i'm not a techie geeky type person.
i'm a quilter.
and though i could learn it and probably enjoy it if i did it EVERY day...
i simply don't want to
which means when i have to do totally sucks.
because i simply don't know how to.
which means i rely on people who talk into techie lingo and i'm absolutely lost.
i spend way too much time trying to decipher their words.
it hurts my brain.
so if you think about me today know that i'm probably stressed to my gills (i just went from a 1 minute wait time to 11 minutes!!) and just want to go play with fabric.
because it does what i want it to most of the time.

*deep sigh*

venting done.

update (30 minutes later):
the first stage of finishing the website is done!!

and here's the fun i've been having with other peoples quilts!

Kathy's adorable owl quilt.
Garden Owl pantograph with a light green thread.

Nancy's Christmas Poinsettia quilt.
Quilted with Mistletoe pantograph in a cranberry red thread.

Nancy's flying geese quilt.
quilted with Nouveau Feathers in a light brown thread.

Debbie's butterfly quilt.
Quilted with Butterfly Bliss pantograph in a variegated purple thread.

Barbara's stinking cute elephant quilt.
Quilted with Lather, Rinse, Repeat pantograph in a variegated cream thread.

Dawn's hawaiian boat quilt.
Quilted with Curlz pantograph and a variegated light blue thread.

Sylvia's modern diamond quilt.
Custom quilting.

Sylvia's modern diamond quilt.
Custom quilting.

Sylvia's modern diamond quilt.
Custom quilting.

Carla's floral diamond quilt.
Quilted with Crimson Rose pantograph and variegated bright purple.